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New Buckle Rolex

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RM 299.00
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RM 299.00
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💰RM299 new buckle

 The most classic series of Rolex except for DD, the Rolex day-date 41 men's day-date series, in order to ensure the trend is accurate, imported quartz is used!  The back of the ears of the white shell and golden rose shell are deliberately corrected for genuine products. Quartz DD Rolex launched the Day-date day-date model shortly after obtaining the patent for the instantaneous jump of the calendar week.  DD places the calendar window at 3 o'clock, and places a long fan-shaped day window on the top at 12 o'clock. This is the world's first wristwatch with a calendar window and a full-display day window.

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 Quartz watches:

 Protect: (1 year)

 Guarantee Battery

 Guarantee hour hand drop

 Guarantee round-trip postage

 Guarantee Warranty strap replacement

 Mechanical watch:

 Protect: (1 year)

 Guarantee lens from breaking

 Guarantee cut bracelet

 Guarantee hour hand drop

 Guarantee round-trip postage

 Guarantee warranty repair (some models)

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✅Full Set Packaging

✅Warranty Card



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