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Mantrend Daily Use Light Sunglasses UV400 Protection Indoor Outdoor 2In1 Anti Glare Mirrored Glasses for Unisex Driving

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RM 44.50
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RM 94.50
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"Mantrend" is a renowned Japanese brand specializing in sunglasses, known for its dedication to quality and innovation in eyewear.

**Ideal for Driving and Daily Use:**

These sunglasses are designed for both driving and daily use, providing clear vision, reducing glare, and enhancing safety and comfort during extended wear.

**Slim and Lightweight Design:**

Additionally, Mantrend sunglasses feature a slim and lightweight design, making them comfortable to wear for prolonged periods without causing discomfort.

**UV400 Protection:**

These sunglasses by Mantrend feature UV400 protection, effectively blocking more than 99% of harmful UV rays (UVA and UVB), crucial for maintaining eye health during daily activities and in strong sunlight.

**Durable Frame Design:**

The frames are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance to breakage, thus maintaining their shape and structural integrity over extended use.

**Comfortable Enlarged Frame:**

Designed with an enlarged frame, Mantrend sunglasses enhance comfort while providing a natural fit and unrestricted vision, catering especially to Asian facial profiles.

**Asian-Fit Design:**

Moreover, Mantrend sunglasses are tailored with Asian facial characteristics in mind, including wider nose bridges and smaller face contours, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

**Availability in Malaysia:**

Furthermore, these sunglasses are readily available in stock in Malaysia, allowing consumers to purchase them directly from local retailers or online platforms without delay.