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Nike Air Jordan 1 Height Increasing Black Gray | Elevate Your Style

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RM 245.00
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RM 245.00
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Step up your sneaker game with the Nike Air Jordan 1 Height Increasing Black Gray sneakers, available in sizes 36 to 44. These sneakers not only offer the iconic Air Jordan 1 style but also feature a height-increasing design that adds an extra boost to your stature.

The black and gray color combination gives these sneakers a versatile and sleek look, making them perfect for various outfits and occasions. Whether you’re a fan of the Air Jordan legacy or simply want a stylish and confident appearance, these sneakers are a great choice.

Priced at RM245 and including free shipping, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Height Increasing Black Gray sneakers provide a unique blend of fashion and functionality. Elevate both your style and height with this remarkable pair of sneakers.