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Nike Air Jordan 3 Mix Black White | Classic Design with a Modern Twist

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Introducing the Nike Air Jordan 3 Mix Black White sneakers, a fusion of classic design and modern aesthetics. Available in a wide range of sizes from 36 to 48, these sneakers offer a bold and stylish statement that’s perfect for any sneaker enthusiast.

The Nike Air Jordan 3 Mix Black White combines the iconic silhouette of the Air Jordan 3 with a contemporary colorway that features a mix of black and white. This unique blend adds a fresh twist to the classic design, making these sneakers stand out from the crowd.

Priced at RM265 and including free shipping, the Nike Air Jordan 3 Mix Black White sneakers offer exceptional value for their premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and eye-catching design. Elevate your sneaker game with a touch of modern flair by adding these standout kicks to your collection.


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