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Nike SB Dunk Green Ugly Duckling | Unique and Bold Sneakers

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RM 240.00
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Step into the world of unconventional style with the Nike SB Dunk Green Ugly Duckling sneakers. These sneakers embrace uniqueness and individuality, taking inspiration from the Ugly Duckling theme to create a bold and distinct design. Available in sizes ranging from 36 to 48, these sneakers cater to various preferences.

The vibrant green colorway of these sneakers demands attention and adds a touch of originality to your outfit. The Ugly Duckling concept encourages self-expression and the celebration of being different, making these sneakers an excellent choice for those who dare to stand out.

Priced at RM190 and featuring free shipping, the Nike SB Dunk Green Ugly Duckling sneakers combine affordability with an extraordinary design. Don’t miss the chance to own a pair of sneakers that redefine the norm and embrace the unconventional.


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